our emphasis falls into three broad catagories- worship, spiritual formation and growth, and ministry (which includes missions):

Worship is what we were created to do by God and is the most important part of our relationship with him.

Spiritual formation and growth represents

Ministry is defined as the good works

WORSHIP – 10:30 am Sundays
                     Special service on Good Friday evening and
                     a candlelight service at Christmas time.


9:30 am Sunday School

6:30 pm Tuesday Pastor’s Prayer Time

7:30  am Wednesday Men’s Prayer Time

12:00  pm Wednesday Community Prayer Time

5:00  pm Wednesday Church Nite Fellowship Meal

6:00  pm Wednesday Youth Activities at LiveWire Youth Center, Augusta

7:00 pm Wednesday In-Depth Bible Study

7:00 pm Thursday Small Group Study

12:00 pm Saturday Salt & Light Discussion

6:30 pm Saturday Shepherd’s Bread: Salt & Light

Various dates and times:

Your Money Counts – Financial Management

Leadership Development

Communications Class

Evangelism Made Slightly less Difficult



Augusta Food Bank
Augusta Nursing Home Bingo
Augusta Nursing Home Worship Services
Annual Clothing Drive & Give-away
Children’s Ministry
Deaconesses (Communion preparation)
Fun & Free Activity Director
Harvest Home Celebration
Men & Boys Banquet
Music Ministry (playing, singing, directing)
Outreach (Community Projects and Evangelism)
Prayer Chain
Prayer Groups (Community, Church, Men’s, etc.)
Senior Center Service
Small Group Leaders
Sunday School Teachers
Vacation Bible School
Women & Girls Banquet