What we do:

Our church family will be celebrating 150 years of continuous operation in October 2011. FBCA has played a role in the developement and direction of the city of Augusta and the surrounding area for many, many years. We see our responsibility as one of doing the best we can with what God has given us to present Jesus as the Christ by our witness in word and deed, helping each other on the journey though life in that knowledge, and suporting the spread of the good news around the world. We do so through Bible-based teaching for all ages, through worship in spirit and in truth, and through servant leadership in the community, region, country and the world.

Although a church with under 100 worshipers, you will see no lack of opportunity to learn, to grow, and to serve. We value relationships with one another, even in this busy world of ours. In these pages you will find specific information about upcoming sermons and much more.

We look to be active and effective in the community and so are involved in numerous ways, from Meals-on-Wheels, the Food Bank, providing free clothing though our annual clothing drive, helping at the senior center and nursing home, providing Bible-based education, and serving in many other areas.

We seek to have fun as well though our monthly fellowship meal after church (pretty good potluck), Bible study classes and youth activities at the local youth center, introductory as well as in-depth studies in small groups (Tuesdays and Thursdays), Sunday School, at the informal Friday's Sheperd's Bread, a combination meal and Bible stud, and a personal discussion small group at the Pastor's home Saturday evening.

There are opportunities for spiritual growth, insight and prayer, learning God's way of financial management, counceling, etc. Child care is always available at the worship service and at most of the activities and classes offered, but we often appreciate having the children participate with us.

We believe that the local church is God's "new creation in Christ." As such, we seek to develop leaders who are empowered to act according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, believe in gift-oriented ministry, passionate spirituality, functional organizational structures, inspiring worship services, holistic small groups, need-oriented evangelism and loving relationships. (we are indebted to the Natural Growth Movement for making this understandable to us.)

The church must be a channel for God's love to a lost world, separated from a relationship with God. This means to us that we love others and offer the free grace of God through Christ, calling to repentance those who have lost their way and to live lives of holiness and faith. God's Word, not changing cultural norms are the foundation for our faith action. We seek to create an environment (the safe place of a Body of Believers) where people can openly discuss their feelings without shame or fear of rejection. And in the context of true Christian fellowship, provide supportive and caring interpersonal relationships which move us more towards authentic Christian community where those wrestling with sin (missing the mark of God's standard of righteousness) can experience Chrit's love and forgiveness in a nurturing environment with a goal toward spiritual growth and maturity. (We are indebted to Dr. Peter T. Vogt and Dr. Mark L. Strauss for making these truths clear to us.)